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Women’s Online Meeting in Slovakia

Am I good enough?

Women’s Online Meeting in Slovakia

In the past two years services, prayer and study groups, and various other gatherings have mostly moved to the online sphere due to the global pandemic. Since we were not able to put together our beloved weekend for women during this period, we decided to plan an online meeting for October 2, 2021. We were very glad that Dagmar Dorn, the leader of the Women’s Ministries Department for the Inter-European Division, accepted the invitation to join us at this meeting.
The topic AM I GOOD ENOUGH? “lured in” many women not just from Slovakia, but from across our borders as well. Together we agreed that every one of us sometimes gets flooded by questions like: Am I fulfilling the expectations of others? Am I fulfilling God’s expectations? Am I happy with my life? Am I satisfied with where I currently am? 
Dagmar shared with us her personal experiences and thoughts connected with the chosen topic. In addition to watching her presentation, many women also took advantage of the possibility to share their thoughts, questions, or experiences through chat. 
The most important takeaways from our gathering: 

  • - I will never be good enough by myself and God doesn’t even expect me to be
  • - Comparing and rivaling draw us further from God and one another
  • - The difference between I SHOULD, and I NEED
  • - Only one thing is necessary: Luke 10, 41-42
  • - Our shortcomings should drive us closer to Him. We’re supposed to give all our troubles and shame to Him. 

We thank our God for the pleasant time spent together and Dagmar for playing a big part in this.
The feedback has shown us that women are interested in online gatherings like this. We’re already planning another one, which should take place before the year’s end. Even though Dagmar, who we instantly took a liking to, thanks to her kind approach, won’t be with us next time, we believe that with God’s help we’ll be able to create a space for mutual sharing.
 Reported on behalf of the Women’s Ministries department’s organization team by Daniela Popovičová