Photo: WM Linz

Annual Family Breakfast of Women's Breakfast Team

Women's Group in Linz, Austria, Fears for Annual Meeting

Annual Family Breakfast of Women's Breakfast Team

A proud Afghan grandma with her granddaughter

Can we or can we not? For almost a week they prayed and trembled and were in contact with various authorities. And then, finally, they were permitted to hold their annual family breakfast in Selker. They were overjoyed! On the campground in the middle of the beautiful Mühlviertel, surrounded by a river, they were allowed to meet dear friends and church members again!
This event is annually the conclusion of the women's breakfast meetings before the summer break. This year, however, the breakfast meetings were cancelled because of the pandemic. Some of the guests were eagerly waiting for this event!
First, dear sisters took care of the flower arrangements and the food, then of course of the guests, some of our Afghan friends. There were a total of 30 people in attendance. Pastor Doru presented a blessed devotion and personally invited all the guests to the opening of the new church in September. God blessed the meeting and everyone involved was happy and grateful.
Reported by Irene Poimer from the church of Linz / Austria