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New Online Bible Course for Women

Our Heavenly Father

New Online Bible Course for Women

We are excited to introduce to you a new online Bible Study Course Heavenly Father.
God teaches us to understand His love for us with simple examples. He is the most loving Father: although our love is often far from perfect, God's love remains unchanged forever.
God compares His love to you to the love of a mother for her child. The Father assures you that His love is even stronger than the love of a mother for her baby.
In the course you will:

  • Find out that God loves you more than the most loving and caring mother.
  • Understand why you can be happy only when you have a close relationship with God.
  • Find out how God wants to return the lost paradise to people and what we need to do to do this.
  • Understand the essence of being a Christian today.
  • Learn to perceive the difficulties in your life as something positive.
  • Find out how God's love can change your life for the better and what we can do with God's love.

The new online Bible Course “Heavenly Father"  is especially designed for women. You will also find a link to the course on under Heavenly Father.
The Facebook site posts encouraging daily messages from your Heavenly Father for women that you can subscribe to.