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An Easter Experience

Morning Manna

An Easter Experience

The stone

Jesus is dead. Joseph of Arimathea takes His body from the cross, places it in a tomb and rolls a stone in front of it. The entrance is closed. Jesus is blocked by a big stone.
The thoughts of the women revolve around this stone during the whole Sabbath. How can they move it? Who will roll it aside for them?  Their hearts are as heavy as this stone. Their hope is buried behind this huge stone.
Can you relate to this? What is your stone? What is so cold and hard in your life that it takes away your perspectives, that it fills your whole life, so that you cannot think of anything else?
“Then they looked up and saw that the stone had been rolled away. The stone was very large” (Mark 16:4 NIRV)
And then, when they arrived at the tomb, the stone was no longer there. The obstacle they had been focusing on all this time was gone. The stone had set the ball rolling. Jesus was no longer hidden behind that stone. The tomb could not contain him. Death did not conquer Him, but He conquered death. He is risen and alive. Jesus can move your stone, too, He can also set your stone-like balls rolling and give you a new, unobstructed view of Him.
I wish you this Easter experience not just this Easter but every day.
Dagmar Dorn
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