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Maximum Level of Perseverance

Maximum Level of Perseverance

Anna Nădășan, WM Director, South Transilvania Conference, Romania

All the believers were one in heart and mind.

Acts 4:32 NIV

How suddenly things can change! On March 7, 2020, we had the joy of celebrating the International Women’s Day of Prayer with a great program and wonderful fellowship with lots of dear people from the church - women, men, children, and dear friends, even from other religious denominations. I could never even have dreamed of what followed! On the next Sabbath, we were no longer able to gather in the church! We were all in isolation because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, the General Conference launched the program “100 Days of Prayer”. The Adventist Church from all around the world started to pray together, forming different groups in families, with friends, in large groups, or small groups, knowing that great blessings are obtained when many people ask God for the same thing.

Based on this conviction, our "Prayer Chain" group, already formed in December 2013, decided to unite in prayer every night at 9 p.m. We prayed for the eradication of COVID-19, for the protection of medical staff, for personal problems such as the health of families and friends. This aroused special interest in the hearts of many who understood what continuous prayer means in our lives. I was very directly involved in this activity. Every day we hurried with quick steps to finish things so that at 9 p.m. we would be ready for prayer when we would launch the prayer themes on the "Prayer Chain" page on Facebook.

We understood that we need a personal altar where we dedicate ourselves daily to Jesus Christ, knowing that through prayer more things are can be accomplished than this world could imagine. How wonderful it would be to have a chain of sincere believers who are praying all around the globe! The greatest victories are obtained in God’s audience room! There we hear the gentle voice of Jesus that says, “Stop for a moment and give Me your attention. I'm here! Spend time with Me.” This is so important, particularly in our present times. Let us spend quality time with our Best Friend Jesus!