A very special Women's  Day in Rome

Women launch evangelistic outreach program

A very special Women's Day in Rome

Women preparing soap baskets Photo: F. Zucca

The sisters of the Italian, Romanian and Latin Adventist churches in Rome came together because they wanted to start an outreach program for other women. And they decided to launch it on March 8 by inviting to church their friends, neighbors and evangelical sisters. A program was elaborated. It was not intended to be  a self-celebration of women but to speak to the hearts of our guests. Thus they prepared special gifts to offer:  soaps skillfully covered with ribbons and bows. Every soap also contained a small card with a Bible verse on it. The message to be conveyed was: you can be a “perfume” in your family, church and community. The women spent several Sundays preparing those soaps. We prayed a lot for our invitees. Finally the day arrived. Nearly 120 people were greeted by pastor Daniele Calà and Franca Zucca. Then the program was successively presented: a performance of “the adulterous woman” (a sketch about forgiveness performed by a group of Adventist young people), videos  honoring  female figures of all ages, ethnicity, language and faith; a beautiful duet and a song sung by the whole congregation.  There was also an opportunity to honor a woman who played an important role in our lives. Several persons testified of  their gratitude toward a teacher, a friend, mother etc. Time passed pleasantly and finally it was time for a varied, tasty and plentiful vegetarian buffet. Our guests received, in addition to the (very welcome) decorated soaps also the booklet “Health & Wellness”. We thank the Lord for the first step of our goal to reach out to other women. Now we want to continue. Please pray for this project in Rome.
Franca Zucca, WM Director, Italian Union